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Easy Consulting are based on Australia’s beautiful Gold Coast, and service our valued clients world-wide. We pride ourselves on personal attention, and we’re here to make your online world easy!

Get yourself a professional, modern website!

At Easy Consulting our goal is to create an online solution tailored to your individual goals. If you still don’t have a website, we will build one for you that effectively represents your brand and establishes your online presence. Your website is the online hub for your business. Everything you do online should be geared towards getting people to your website, and leading them where you want them to go. We utilise all the latest design features, and can have you online without breaking the bank. See more on Easy Consulting’s website design here!

Let us boost your Google rankings!

Once you have your stylish new site up and running, it’s crucial that it has been properly optimised so the search engines know how to communicate with it, and know when to bring it up in search results. SEO or search engine optimisation is hands down the most powerful marketing tool available to you. Talk to us today about creating an effective SEO campaign that elevates you ahead of your competitors. Easy Consulting’s SEO services have helped businesses from a variety of industries increase their website traffic, customer enquiries and revenue by leaps and bounds. Learn more about SEO here!

Social media has changed the way we communicate!

We can create a social media presence for your business on the most popular social media platforms. If you want to take the controls and create & manage your page yourself, and get to know all the best and most effective methods of doing so, we can provide one on one training to have you flying like Maverick in no time (or Ice-Man for those who prefer blondes). If you don’t have the time but still want a professional and engaging social media presence, we have tiered page management and marketing solutions which ensure your page is always up to date and your customers are being looked after. Check out our social media marketing here! Social Media has taken over the world! Everyone’s talking about it, everyone’s using it, and you need a presence too or you risk being left at the station when the customer train goes past. We’re here to teach you how to speak the language of social media, and engage your customers in your business like never before!

All of your online marketing in 1 place!

Easy Consulting was born out of the desire of hard working business owners like you, to get involved in the out of control world that is online marketing and social media. People are engaging with businesses in new ways, and savvy business owners are capitalising on the massive amounts of time spent by consumers on sites like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and many others by reaching more people, creating a community that surrounds their business or brand, driving sales with special offers, events & new product releases. The best part is that once people are engaged with your page, you’ve now created your own marketing army whose actions and interests are seen by their friends, which tickles their curiosity, has them checking out your business page, and whose actions are seen by their friends, and so the viral nature of social media takes hold! We can offer you a complete marketing strategy which includes SEO, Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, MailChimp, graphic design services, professional content marketing and more.

Many businesses are not properly utilising all of the behind the scenes features of the web, which is where we come in. Contact us today and let’s discuss how to best increase your businesses brand awareness, consumer interaction, and ultimately revenue.

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