Social Media

Are you wanting to get involved and enhance your business through social media marketing?

Perhaps your competitors are using it and you’re not sure where to start..?

First & Foremost ~ Compelling Content

Just as easy as it is for a consumer to follow you through social media, by the click of the same button you can lose them if your content isn’t compelling, engaging, and also relevant to your business. Next you have to give them the opportunity to convert. If you’ve attracted the right audience and provided them with the right opportunity, you will.

At Easy Consulting we’re here to help you create a captivating social media business page, and engage your target market on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others. We will enhance your business with new customers and fans through Gold Coast social media marketing. Whether you’re wanting to build brand awareness or promote your special events & new products, Easy Consulting is here to integrate social media into your overall marketing strategy!

The majority of consumers are not on Facebook making purchasing decisions, however if done right social media marketing can drive additional sales for your business. Consumers see a brands social media profile as one that supports their buying decision by providing a way to engage and gather information before making a purchase. It provides consumers with social proof by way of friends and celebrities endorsing the same brand, and then supports consumers post-purchase with customer service and after sales service.

Social Media Paves The Way!

Social media has changed the way businesses and consumers interact. Furthermore, it provides a fantastic additional channel by which to do so. Consumers are spending hours and hours on social media sites every week, so it’s important in this day and age that you give your business the opportunity to get in front of them. Traditional forms of advertising and marketing are shifting, and businesses who embrace these new platforms first gain a massive early adopter advantage over their competitors.

Imagine having been the first business in your industry to jump on Facebook and start building your presence. It would have put you in a fantastic position today! Well, the world of social media marketing Gold Coast is awash with opportunities, so are you going to invest and take yours??

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Get Real!

If you’re serious about your social media marketing, you need to invest in building your fan base.

You do this by leveraging all of the existing forms of interaction you currently have, and invest in online marketing. There’s a number of ways you can ensure you give your business an audience, and a lot of them will surprise you at their simplicity and cost effectiveness. Also compared to traditional forms of advertising, online marketing and especially social media advertising can be extremely targeted and results driven. This gives you the control to find your specific customer base, and not waste dollars on marketing to consumers who won’t be interested in what you’ve got.

If you want to convert your fan base on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social channels, you have to give them a reason and call to action.

Social media is always evolving, and social media sites are constantly changing their platforms for business pages. Easy Consulting are here to make the social media marketing process easy. We do this every day, and we’re excited about building your brand through social media marketing.

Prices start from as little as $299 for a customised social media page on the worlds most popular sites, and ongoing management of pages starts from as low as $299 per month.

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