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Here’s a little bit about us: Easy Consulting is your one-stop-shop for online marketing, social mediawebsite design, Google development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)About Us, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), graphic design, branding, website & email hosting, professional content writing, e-newsletters, Gold Coast online marketing and more. We are a Gold Coast online marketing company with BIG, BOLD ideas!

Our in-house creative team take a hands-on approach to work with you on forming a winning plan specifically for your business. We explore your target market in depth to determine the opportunities and best plan of attack. Also, we focus on staying ahead of the game when it comes to changes to search engines and online platforms so we can keep the enquiries rolling in FOR YOU!


“I was lucky enough to be born in a little slice of heaven known as the Gold Coast, at a time designed for free-spirited beings. Having travelled to over 40 countries, these days I’m lucky to have friends, family and a feeling of home in many parts of the world. I have an entrepreneurial spirit and a flair for finance and technology, and it was the combination of these traits with the love of world travel that opened me up to the idea of starting a business based purely on online services. A lot of the people and business owners I knew had an interest in starting or improving their business’s online presence, but didn’t know where to start or were a bit overwhelmed by it all. Some had been scared off by 5-figure website quotes, which was the norm in the early days of websites. Others simply put this topic off into the “I’ll deal with that later” basket. There was a real need for a quality, yet affordable online marketing and consulting business that people could trust. The universe was speaking and I was listening. There was a strong need for a service that would help people significantly grow their businesses in this new online arena. Luckily, I could do it in a way where I could continue to explore the world and exercise my love of travel and adventure…

… Enter Easy Consulting!

I wish I could say that the story of where the name came from was a complex tale, however the truth is I was sitting at my desk asking myself – what kind of business name would suit a new venture like this, that is striving to help make the world of online marketing easy for people? Bingo! Easy Consulting it is! The thing with businesses like this when you’re in the right place at the right time, setting out to do the right thing, is that things usually just flow. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a tonne of hard work and late nights involved, there is, but the evolution of Easy Consulting over the years has been one that has simply flowed. We started with the services that were most commonly in need, we added new services as those needs arose with our clients, and we received new clients simply by focusing on looking after our existing clients as well as we possibly could. From there, we gained referrals of their friends, family and colleagues. Ironically we never had to do much marketing of our own which I’m forever grateful for. I truly believe that to receive, you need to give, and helping others turn their passion or ideas into a business or grow their existing business feels awesome to me!

These days Easy Consulting has a great team of in-house and freelance professionals. They solve problems our clients have in the digital space. Guided by our general manager Dani and her infectiously happy and creative spirit, we aim to maintain the balance of seriousness and fun required for a business like ours to excel for our clients. Having started with website design and social media marketing, we now have a sizeable range of services including search engine optimisation or SEO, search engine marketing (SEM), graphic design, illustration, content writing, branding, secure website and email hosting, and even good ol’ email newsletters. If any of those are things that you’re needing help with and you’re wanting to find both professional work and reasonable pricing, get in touch so we can get the ball rolling and take care of that for you. I believe we have the experience and the passion to produce results that you’ll be delighted with! Thanks for considering Easy Consulting.”

~ Rory Orr


With our team on the job, you’ll be sure to get much more BANG for your BUCK!


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