Common Marketing Mistakes

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Common marketing mistakes that could destroy your reputation

Marketing can be your friend, especially in today’s social media, updated-to-the-minute, technologically infiltrated world. However, the business world can be fickle and you can just as easily fall from grace with a few common marketing mistakes without much grace for recovery. These mistakes can ruin your reputation and can happen very easily, quickly and with little room for recovery, so you want to be sure to keep them in mind and avoid them at all costs.

Some of the most common marketing mistakes if you aren’t careful include; everything from how you email your customers, to diversifying your leadership teams. So, if you are new to marketing, be sure to do your due diligence and ensure you get some advice on the best marketing practices in order to avoid any unnecessary blunders.

Don’t Obsessively EmailMarketing Mistakes

Anyone in today’s business world knows that email marketing is an important component. You acquire email subscribers online, updates and sales notices at your store or on your site. Email marketing is a HUGE plus for many businesses. In fact, a 2016 study showed that email marketing gives a 246% return on investment (ROI) for mid-size businesses, and over 100% ROI for small and large businesses. WINNING!

But what many business owners don’t know is that, one of the biggest marketing errors you can make is to email too often to your whole subscriber list. In addition to annoying your customers, or potential customers and losing them, you can most importantly, be categorised as spam and this can ruin your reputation. Be wise and succinct in your email practices.

Test Before Rolling Out

Just because you think you have a great idea to market your product or service, does not necessarily mean you have a good idea. It means YOU THINK it’s a good idea. Be sure to test it on your actual customers, at least a selection of them before you roll it out in full force. Rolling out a grand marketing campaign for a new product or service that does not actually appeal to your customer base, can be a marketing mistake that will ruin your reputation and send you into a frantic attempt of recovery, that may or may not be successful.

If you have a marketing idea, get a group of your customers together and try it out on them, see what they think and then tweak it if needed. You will be glad that you took this extra step to avoid one of the most common marketing faults.

Know Your Customers

Do your customers only access your website on a desktop, or do you have a lot of mobile customers? Do your customers like to ask questions electronically, on social media, or do they prefer to get live help on the telephone? Are your customers old, young, men, women, college students, people with kids? You need to know your customers in order to successfully market to them. That is more than just knowing that people buy your product or service. Who buys it? When do they buy it? Do they buy online? Do they have questions? What are the most common questions?

Not truly knowing who your customers are, is one of the most common marketing errors that can make the difference between longevity and brevity for your business. If your customers use their mobile devices to access your sites, which is becoming much more common every year, then you need all your marketing to be optimised for mobile devices or you will lose customers. Be wise and know your customers or you may waste marketing dollars as well as lose business.

Effective and wise marketing is imperative to business success. Knowing what marketing mistakes can ruin your reputation and your business is essential to effectively marketing and succeeding into today’s saturated business markets.

The team at Easy Consulting are pro’s at getting to know a business’s audience. Not only that, we know all the tricks of the trade in building a successful business. If you’re needing help with getting more clientele, contact our crew today. We’ll help you!