SEO & Marketing Plan Pricing

Marketing Plan Pricing

Marketing Plan Pricing

Got larger SEO needs?

No problem, we offer custom SEO packages tailored to your individual needs. We’re also flexible, so can add services from another plan to benefit your business best (just ask).

Paid Advertising (Facebook, Instagram & Google)

Paid advertising on social platforms is sometimes the only way to get results and the attention you need. This is because many posts, feeds and stories don’t get seen by most people using socials, unless they’re paid ads. This is on purpose, by the platforms to make some $$$. Our team of advertising experts offer this service for $599 / month. This includes our team creating and managing 3 adverts a month, as well as a stat report after the completion of each running ad. Your CC is used for the charge of the advert on whichever platform you choose.

*** NEW Advertising Strategy Available (Entertainment, Sports & News Websites)

Do you need website visitors? Then this kind of advertising is for you! This online marketing if suitable and works great for all businesses, especially those who aren’t getting enough exposure and their money worth through other paid adverts. Depending how much you’re wanting to spend. We recommend starting at $1000 / month (which is our fee, as well as the advert spending), then if you’re wanting more leads generated from there, we can discuss how much more you’re wanting to spend.

On-site Website Optimisation

If not already completed by your web designer, it’s vital that we first carry out the optimisation of each existing page of your website and all back-end settings. This is a once-off service, but extremely important so the search engines can effectively communicate with your website, the speed, and also customer experience. Prices start from as little as $799.

Contact us to discuss your goals and requirements.

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