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Web Design Gold Coast – FAQ’s


Here, we have found the most asked questions about web design on the Gold Coast, and the pro’s here at Easy Consulting have answered.


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Does it cost money to make a website?

Everything these days costs money! The cheapest way to make a website, would be to build it yourself. The prices vary – for a personal website, you can build one for as little as $80 / year, which includes the hosting too. This would be very basic, with no addons or special themes. Then you have to purchase a domain name which would be about $20 / year. The pricing goes up, the bigger and better you would like the website to be. For instance, a business website would start from approx $150 / year, then for a high performance website $350 / year. Furthermore, if you’d like a special theme or e-commerce capabilities or online chats, the prices keep on rising.

Which software is best for web design?

Our top picks for building quality website designs depends on which business you’re building one for. For instance, if you’re making a website for an online store, Shopify is great. It has all you need to get started. If you have the knack for it, can be relatively easy to follow. Then, if you’re building a website for a business, we like to use Weebly. Again, it can be followed and understood if you have the eye for it. We have used WordPress plenty back in the day, but they have changed their structure so much, we prefer using the others now for something different.

How long does it take to create a website?

Depends on a few things: Who’s designing the website? Yourself or a professional. Which kind of business is it for? An online shop, or a trade business. Are there loads of products? Is there a lot of images and content? Will you be doing the onsite SEO?  

Here at Easy Consulting, we ask for a 2–3-month window from when we receive all the relevant information – domain name, logo, images/products, content, specials (free shipping), ideas for themes etc. This can change and we sometimes send our clients a draft of the website to look over after 4-6 weeks. There’s usually a couple of back and forth, with the client sometimes making a tweak here or there. Then it’s signed off and delivered to one very happy client. Read our reviews and see!

What are 3 types of websites?

  1. Ecommerce websites are huge. This shouldn’t be too surprising since we live in a world where majority of people live with their heads in their phones. Online store sites allow consumers to shop and purchase products and/or services online.
  2. Personal websites are becoming more and more popular every day. These kinds of sites are usually filled with loads of text and a few images. Sometimes these website are build and shared with family and friends for fun. Possibly to share your life while you’re travelling. Another reason people opt for this kinds of site, is to promote themselves and their profession.
  3. Small business website. This is to showcase a company, its employees, products and their services. They’re amazing for customers and the business. It allows them to connect quickly. These sites are best suited for trades (plumbers, electricians, concreters etc), accountants and bookkeepers, pet services, cafés/restaurants (great for bookings), personal trainers and healthcare professionals (osteo, chiro etc).

If you’re looking for a highly qualified Gold Coast web design team who specialise in this, and take the time and get a feel for what kind of website you’re wanting and have the talent to bring it to life, get in touch with Easy Consulting today. Prices starting from as little as $1,999 for a 1-4 page, mobile friendly, kickass website. We also do complimentary SEO to every web page we build. 

Website Design can be stressful, so let us take that worry away and simply give you the website of your dreams. We love what we do and it shows!