Who Gives A Crap

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Why ‘Who Gives A Crap’ is good for humanity

Who Gives A Crap is more than just a cleverly-named company. They are a company with a passion, a clear mission, and of course, a fantastic name! Launched in 2012 via crowdfunding, Who Gives A Crap is the brainchild of three young men. They decided that they needed to do something about the problem of the world’s lack of toilets. This is what they did!

Who gives a crap

What they found is that close to half the world’s population lacks access to a proper toilet. That means that families are living in highly toxic and potentially dangerous environments. Bacterial-related deaths claim countless lives annually, mostly as a result of lack of sanitation. For a first world country it can be hard to imagine such a situation. However, for most of the world, where to go to the bathroom is not an easy or pleasant decision.

Who Gives A Crap sells environmentally-friendly bathroom products – toilet paper and tissues that are made from recycled materials with no chemicals. They also give half of their profits to organisations that help provide proper toilets and sanitation services for people in the developing world.

Environmental Impact

What many people don’t know is that most toilet paper is made from virgin wood. That means we cut down trees just to wipe our behinds. At Who Gives A Crap, they use 100% recycled materials. This means that there are less things in the waste stream and forests don’t have to be felled to provide us with toilet paper.

Social Impact

These amazing founders are quite concerned about the lack of available sanitation services around the globe. Not to mention the preventable death and health problems this causes. This is why they give 50% of their profits to an organisation called WaterAid, which builds toilets in the developing world.

A great name, a great idea, and a great result. That has been the overall impact of Who Gives A Crap. Three guys came together to create a company that was based on socially responsible, humane practices that also gives back to those who really need it. The company makes toiletries out of recycled materials and gives a significant amount of money to organisations that help provide sanitation services to those that need it. Seems like a win-win to us!

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