Ways To Save Money

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The easiest ways to save money

Can’t stop spending but really need to start saving? Let’s explore some easy ways to save shall we!

Alarmingly, Australia’s personal debt is the highest in the world. Clearly, we’re big spenders. While spending can be fun in the short-term, it can have devastating impacts in the long term. Debts can so easily mount up until things get to the point where your entire pay check is going on bills.

Worse still, you’ve got no financial security for the future, for you or your kids.

The esteemed investor Warren Buffet was right when he said – “We must save first and then spend.” Most of us of course, transpose this – We spend first and save whatever is left over (which is usually nothing!).

If you’re looking for ways to save cash and build on your savings, keep reading for the easiest ways to do so.

Switch To A Private Internet Browser

Private Internet browsers are not just for geeks – they also come in handy for sensible people who want to save some money!

Each time you visit an online retail store, your computer stores cookies. Basically, your spending habits are tracked. The Internet then uses this data to display ads that are tailored to you.

It’s a vicious cycle. You spend money online, you see a new advertisement on Facebook, and you get tempted to spend some more. When you browse privately, cookies aren’t stored on your computer, which means your buying habits don’t get tracked.

Ways To Save Money

Drink More Water – Surprised..? 

Water is healthy, and it will unexpectedly also save you money.

If you drink at least the recommended 2 litres of water per day, it will suppress your appetite. Which means you won’t eat as much, which also means that you won’t spend as much money on food.

This is a win/win – Keeping hydrated, and not putting on access weight.

Use Your Loyalty Cards

Loyalty cards are great for businesses because they encourage repeat customers. They’re also great for consumers because they represent a good way to save a bit of cash now and then.

Coffee shops, bakeries, and even chemists are all over loyalty cards these days. Which usually allow you to receive a FREE item after 5 purchases, or a discount. This is a no brainer if you’re a frequent visitor to a particular place who offer these cards.

Get Creative

Got someone’s birthday coming up again? Yes, this happens yearly!

As fun as birthdays are, buying presents is a costly affair. So why not put your creative hat on and make your own gifts instead? It’ll save you some money, and everyone appreciates a handmade gift!

Otherwise, it’s never too early to start shopping! If you see something on special throughout the year and think.. ‘Hey, Bill would love this’. Buy it and save it for his birthday.

Pause Before Purchasing

Ever seen something, either online or in a store, and said “Oh my gosh! I HAVE to have this!”

We’ve all been there.

But how often have you got carried away, bought something on the spur of the moment … and then later regretted your purchase?

It’s easy to get carried away when we see something amazing. But instead of making snap, irrational buying decisions, it’s a much better idea to stay composed and give yourself a few days to decide if this item really will add value to your life.

Go Grocery Shopping On A Full Stomach

If you go grocery shopping while absolutely ravenous, you’re far likelier to buy more food than you really need.

Go shopping on a full stomach, and you’ll stick to your list and save some money.

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