Shine During Your Interview

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Top tips to shine during your interview

Interviewing is truly an artform. It is a skill that takes practise and experience to really master. That said, there are many ways to put your best foot forward during an interview. If you are looking to improve your interviewing skills, consider the recommendations below for top tips to shine during your interview:

Dress for success

People who are interviewing you make their opinion about how you dress in less than ten seconds. It is important to dress professionally. This means not wearing jeans, putting on a blazer, and having polished shoes. How you present yourself shows how you are at your best and the individual needs to picture you in their organisation. Make sure you are dressed well to make the right first impression.Shine During Your Interview

Eye contact

One of your jobs is to gain the trust of the individual that is interviewing you. You need to have eye contact because that shows the person that you are genuine and someone they can trust to bring on their team. Eye contact is a must, particularly when you shake the individual’s hand for the first time.

Print a polished CV

Having a printed copy of your CV is wise, because it shows that you took the time to prepare for your interview. Sometimes the person that sees you will not have time to print it out. Therefore, it is important that you have a professional CV printed to provide to them for a great first impression.

Know your personal elevator pitch

You should have your CV memorised perfectly. For each of your former positions, you should have an “elevator pitch” of the most impressive parts of your day-to-day work. The general rule of thumb is to illuminate three key features of your former positions to show your versatility and expertise. Practise this with family and friends to make sure you are telling the individual interviewing you the right information to be successful with your job application. Remember that you control the meeting if you allow yourself to do so, and it is imperative to learn how to sell your best qualities.

Research and ask  

You must research the job role and the company you are applying to work for prior to an interview. You should also be prepared to ask the your potential future employers about the role and the company. This shows that you took an extra step to prepare yourself, which will make a great impact.


It’s a good idea to integrate these top tips to shine during your interview into your strategy. You will be amazed at how many candidates do not take the time to dress professionally, have eye contact, print their CV, and research the company or know how to market their own skills well. By doing all these things, you will definitely stand out amongst the rest! Therefore, the sooner you learn to do these essential interview skills, the better. In the long term, these tips will help you get jobs that make a positive next step in your career development.


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