Manage Your Time

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Manage your time for maximum outcomes

Does your to-do list never seem to shrink? Do you struggle to get things done in time? One of the big problems is that we are always running out of time. Deadlines, appointments, busy family life, household duties… It’s a never-ending checklist! This is why knowing how to manage your time for maximum outcomes might come in handy.

Manage Your Time

Here are our tips:

Wake up early

It might sound dreadful – especially if you are not a morning person – but waking up early means you will have more time in the day to do your duties. You know the saying: the early bird catches the worm? Well in this case, you’re about to catch that worm.

Plan and prioritise

Planning your time might sound like a hassle, but taking a few minutes at the start of your day to write down your to-do list and organising your schedule is always a helpful step. It will help you avoid missing deadlines or forgetting appointments! You also need to keep in mind that it might be impossible for you to do everything on your list in a short amount of time. Therefore, think about the list of things you have to do and try to put them in order – most important to the least.


This brings us to the next point: if stress tends to be an issue for you, relaxing could help increase your productivity. It might sound a bit paradoxical, but taking more breaks will help you work better. Why do you think companies are investing in Wellness programs for their employees? Taking five minutes to recharge your batteries will help massively. Sit in the sun with a cup of tea, or get up and do some stretches. Just be sure to switch off for 10 minutes!

Furthermore, being cosy and comfortable is also an important factor: if you are working at a table or desk, make sure you are sitting properly and in something comfy. Also, be sure that everything you need is set at arm’s length to avoid wasting time and energy running around looking for things. Make sure that you are well hydrated, and don’t drink too much caffeine.

Shut out distractions

If taking breaks can be necessary and useful, unwanted distractions will make you lose precious time and focus. Task-switching can cost you up to 25 minutes of your time: a study from Gloria Mark at the University of California Irvine says, “It takes more than 23 minutes to get back to the task at hand after an interruption.” And, even if you beat the odds – a phone call, someone knocking at the door, or one of your children demanding your attention, all these things will make you lose your focus. So, whenever possible and if you really need to get something done ASAP, put your phone on silent, and ask whoever is around to leave you alone for a while.

Time flies and there is nothing we can do to control it. However, following this simple advice might help you to manage your time for maximum outcomes. Additionally, no matter how much there is to be done, do not forget to make some time for yourself to avoid burning out.

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