Make Your Business Seem More Legitimate

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How to make your business seem more legitimate

First impressions of anything are critical, and this is especially true of your business. In an age where consumers have more choices than ever before, a bad first impression of your business can permanently break it.

People start to form opinions about any business in a matter of seconds, whether they’re stopping by your store, clicking on your website, or even taking a glance at your business card. All it takes is a few seconds for a customer toMake Your Business Seem More Legitimate decide whether your business has legs, or whether it’s far from being established.

If researchers are right, impressing potential consumers in the digital world is even more difficult than face-to-face, because the average Internet user has a poorer attention span than a goldfish. What this essentially means is that if they stop by your website and if you can’t hold their attention, they’ll be out of there in less than five seconds. But how do you go about making your business seem more legitimate? Let’s take a look.

Always Use The Best-Quality Images

A real easy way to make your business seem more legitimate, is to always use high-quality images. Take a minute to think of the images you’ve come across on the Internet. Some have been great, right? But also, there’s some that are far from it. When you settle for second best images, you’re basically telling your potential consumers that you don’t care all that much.

Investing in high-quality images can sometimes cost money but it’s super important that you do this, and so worth it! One place where loads of great images lie is Shutterstock. You can sign up for a monthly subscription where you get a daily allowance of high quality image downloads, or they have download packs that you can use as you need. All of the images come in various sizes, and they’ve taken care of the design, lighting, editing and everything for you. This saves you doing your own shootMake Your Business Seem More Legitimate and editing the photos afterwards.

Lots of people are visually oriented, and if your website, workspace or store is kitted out in poor-quality images, it’s going to deter a lot of people.

Images are often the first thing people see, and they’re often a deal breaker for some, so make sure they’re incredible.

Make Sure Your Website Is User-Friendly

More and more businesses are going digital, but some are making the transition better than others. If you and your team are not digitally-savvy, it helps to hire someone who is, because having an attractive, user-friendly website is paramount.

People base a lot of their judgements on a business now according to what they have seen on their website. If a website is unprofessional, hard-to-navigate, and looks as though it’s stuck in the 1990’s, it’s going to say that you and your brand are old school.

If you design your website yourself, make sure that you keep it user-friendly, clean and simple. You should also include call-to-actions on each page, and organise everything in a clear, logical manner by using consistent colours and fonts.Make Your Business Seem More Legitimate

But if building your own website seems daunting, call the team at Easy Consulting on 0421 905 000. We are the Gold Coast Website Designers who are always in style, and know what the people want. So let us take your business to the next level!

Team Photos

People are a little bit wary of faceless businesses. When they navigate a website but can’t see any photos of any of the staff, they tend to err on the side of caution and leave.

Because it’s really hard to build a human relationship with potential customers at first, you can make a nice easy start by taking photos of your team and uploading them to your website. This builds a sense of trust between you and your visitors, and gives your business a human aspect.

At the end of the day, people don’t want to do business with text – they want to do it with people.Make Your Business Seem More Legitimate

Implement A Live Chat

More and more online business now employ 24/7 live chat, that allows them to interact with their customers at all times.

People just don’t have the time to wait on the telephone for an eternity, and they’re not all that keen on hanging around for you to get back to them via email. A live chat allows you to build a
relationship with your visitors, and it also helps to build your profile.

If you treat your visitors well and take them seriously, they are more likely to return.

These are just a few ways of how to make your business seem more legitimate, but it’s fundamental that you put in the right amount of effort to ensure that your new company is not seen as something that is here today and gone tomorrow. Put the structures in place that tell people you’re in it for the long haul.