Make Your Small Business Boom

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A few simple ways to make your small business boom

These days it seems like many are shying away from large corporations and sticking with small, local businesses. But if you haven’t seen an increase in sales then maybe you aren’t doing the correct things to make your small business boom. Growing your business can be as easy as streamlining a few things, and expanding others to bring in new customers and get the old ones coming back again and again. For your business to really grow you want to outpace your overhead without crippling your profit margins, but this often causes stress and a feeling of being overwhelmed in that growing pains stage that many small businesses experience. If you want to take your business to the next level check out these ways to expand your successful start-up.

The internet is the biggest place that people forget to expand to. Many feel selling online is difficult or too costly, but in fact, even in the late 90’s it was predicted that those businesses who didn’t have a strong online presence would be less successful. The biggest thing is getting a professional website created, as up to 80% of traffic comes in via online search engines.  Don’t have a web page! Why not? By having a website you’re not only getting your product seen locally, but you’re also interacting with other markets which you may not have reached without an online presence.

Many businesses don’t realise how much time and energy they’re wasting by using equipment that isn’t efficient. For example; a laptop computer will use 90% less energy than a desktop, and if you have more than one of these, you could cut big costs off your energy bill by making that simply switch. Saving money even in small ways can give you a bigger margin, and then be reinvested back into your business. It’s a win-win!

Make Your Small Business Boom

One of the best ways to make your small business boom is to bring in outside help. For many small businesses it’s a fine line between getting the help you need and not losing profit. In the end, hiring someone (even if it’s your kids, or a Jr.) to help out with the little things, will actually free up your work load so that you can get focused on the more important things. This will also give you someone else to bounce ideas off and a little bit of company.

Though many will think this is too big of an expense, consider making your business a franchise or opening other locations. If your business can be franchised, this can make it easier to license your product or brand to a bigger corporation – this means using their manufacturing abilities and work force while you simply keep your portion of the profits. If you’re in a good financial position to do so, you could also open at a second location, which will help increase your brand visibility. Look at local economic trends first to make sure this is a viable option, and then choose a location that is best for bringing in new business.

Finally if you want to make your small business boom you’ll need to network. Networking with other businesses and people can be a quick way to expand. Look at the big picture, even if you have to risk a little money now, you’ll be accumulating lots more in the long run with an alliance with another business. Social media and networking is ideal to put you in touch with other businesses, who you can bounce ideas off and discuss things like lead generation and possible mergers for mutual benefit.

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