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The best cities to live and work remotely from

Many people today are choosing to live and work remotely, giving rise to the term “digital nomads.” There are even Facebook groups, Reddit groups, and conferences that exist to help this group of remote workers.

Here are some of the best cities for anyone wanting live the digital drifter lifestyle.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

The city in the mountains consistently ranks at the top of the list for digital nomads as a calm place to both work and play. It’s an ideal combination of friendly people, a welcoming community, low cost of living, and stable Wi-Fi. All of this making it an excellent place to live and work remotely. There’s plenty of great food, warm weather, as well as all of the comforts of the city but with more of a laid-back vibe. The city is safe and offers many co-working spaces.

Berlin, GermanyLive and Work Remotely

For those looking to Europe for a place to live and work remotely, Berlin makes for a good choice. One of the more affordable cities in Western Europe, Berlin draws more of a younger, start-up crowd. The city is known of its friendliness, safety, and great quality of life. The city also makes a great base for visiting other destinations in Europe.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest offers more bang for your buck than many European cities, making it a more low-cost choice for digital nomads. You get all of the advantages of a city, but for a lot less. The city boasts affordable housing, low utility costs, cheap and delicious food, and affordable health care. All of this makes Budapest one of the most underrated cities for working abroad.

Canggu, Bali, Indonesia

Canggu features spectacular ocean views, small pristine beaches, and a labyrinth of rice paddies. Bali has certainly attracted the younger crowd of digital nomads, offering a number of affordable co-working spaces near the beach. Some of these spaces feature facilities such as a pool and Skype booths. Cost of living in Canggu is also incredibly cheap. The town definitely has a laid-back vibe, with plenty of opportunity for surfing, yoga studios, and beach bars. There are a number of events and parties happening every week, making Canggu an appealing place for the younger crowd to live and work remotely.

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is a strong contrast to the quiet, easygoing ambience of Chiang Mai. The bustling city features quite a bit of nightlife and affordable living. The downside of Bangkok is the hot weather and less than ideal air quality. Cheap co-working spaces can now be found throughout the city, and Wi-Fi is reliable and relatively inexpensive too. Bangkok is famous for its plethora of delicious street food, and it’s possible to have just about any kind of food delivered. Living in Bangkok also offers a good base for budget flights to other parts of Asia.

Porto, Portugal

While Porto may not be as well-known as other cities, it’s another great option to live and work abroad. It would be hard not to enjoy the laid-back, enjoying life nature of southern Europe. You can get more for your money here compared to other European cities, allowing you to enjoy even more delicious food and wine. With the café culture of Porto, an office space isn’t really needed, and it’s easy to find reliable Wi-Fi. It’s also very easy to get around the city on foot, making a car or even public transportation unnecessary.

Barcelona, Spain

A fashion and tech capital of Europe, Barcelona offers a Mediterranean climate, amazing food, and super cheap Spanish wine 😛 The city is an international hub, meaning you can get by pretty well without knowing Spanish. Barcelona provides all of the comforts of a city, but a bit more chilled, as is the nature of the country as a whole. You can also find real tapas here, buy a glass of wine and you get some delicious food to go with it.

Whether you enjoy a bustling city or more of an easygoing vibe, there’s plenty of awesome places to choose from to work from your laptop. Live the life you dream of!

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