Growing Your Organic Website Search Traffic

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Simple steps to growing your organic website search traffic

The key to growing your organic website search traffic is simply – search engine optimisation (SEO). What is SEO? It involves making your website both search engine and user friendly. This will help your site to rank on the first page of Google in the search results.

According to the statistics, the top 4 results in these engines attract 83% of the organic clicks. To have as much chance as possible of receiving organic traffic, your site must show up on page 1 of Google. To achieve this, both your website and content needs to be impeccable. Let’s delve into this a little further shall we!

Growing Your Organic Website Search Traffic

Website SEO

To be considered a great site by the search engines, it should be well designed (preferably by a professional), easy to navigate, and readable text with plenty of white space. Use faultless quality images to break up the text. However, it’s recommended that there be no flashing images, as these tend to make sites look cheap and tacky.

Bear in mind that a site has to be user friendly as well as search engine friendly.  Search engines won’t give you any brownie points if your site isn’t geared towards a pleasant, helpful experience for the users. If Google senses visitors to your site who click out straight away, that won’t get classed as a website visitor at all. You want visitors to your site, who stay clicking around on your site. That’s what will get Google’s robots attention. Therefore giving your website a little boost on Google.

Content SEO

The most important aspect of content SEO is to post relevant information that people look for. To do this you have to include within your content, the keywords that people are typing into the search engines. The key is to put in just enough keywords to enable your post to rank well in the search engines. However, make sure the keyword isn’t in the post too much as this will deter readers. Furthermore, it still has to make sense, and having too much of the same words is bad for SEO. Mix / Blend the words up a little!

Another aspect to consider is to use long tail keywords to have any hope of appearing on the page one results. In any given niche the “big boys” will already be on page one for all the popular 2 and 3 word keywords. To get a foot in the door of your forte you have to find long tail keywords of 4 or more words. This should also include the popular keyword. Use a keyword tool ( to find the best long tail keywords.

To make your content even more attractive to the search engines, interlink all the posts on your site that are on similar topics. Doing this will keep visitors on your site, without having them click away after reading just one article.

Additionally, new and updated content will make your site eye-catching. The bots will not crawl your site regularly if it resembles an abandoned ghost town.

There is no top-secret method for growing your organic website search traffic. You just have to be aware of, and implement what you have to do to achieve your objective.

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