Get Noticed At Trade Shows

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Find out what to do to get noticed at trade shows

There are many ways to get yourself noticed at trade shows. Even if you are new to attending these events, using these strategies can ensure you attract the attention of possible customers and clients.

Start Early

We don’t mean just open your booth early. We mean start promoting and advertising to your clients and prospective clients early. Start providing information about your attendance at a trade show at least 2 – 4 weeks prior to the show. This will give you the opportunity to let people know you will be there, what you are offering, and any specials you’ll be running. Clients will then have the chance to plan and attend. Moreover, scheduling social media campaigns and email blasts is a great way to promote yourself too. The team at Easy Consulting are the best people for the job. If you need some professional help with this, call us on 0421 905 000.Get Noticed At Trade Shows

Be Fun and Entertaining

Your potential customers will want to interact with you and your product. If you want to get noticed at trade shows you will want to have an interactive activity going on. Samples of your product for your customers to touch and feel is also a winner. Those who stop at your booth don’t want to see brochures and stuffy people behind a table, they want to have fun. Be fun and entertaining. Have something for those that stop by your booth to do. Consider offering a game or product demonstration. Get people involved. Ask questions and have them try things. This will most definitely get you and your booth noticed at trade shows.

Be a Mover and a Shaker

Don’t sit behind your table with a brochure in hand and smile at those that pass by, waiting for a question to answer – get up, move around, and be active. If you wish to get noticed at trade shows you need to be noticeable. Engage with those that pass by. Don’t be demanding or pushy, but do be a little aggressive. Find that balance! You will find that those on the fence of stopping by are more likely to pause and listen if you ask a question or engage them in some way. Invite them to play a game or try a sample. Ask them a question that you can encourage them to stop and learn about the answer. Engage, smile, and have fun; your infectious attitude will surely attract attention to you and your booth.

Create an Attractive Environment

No one wants to visit a messy house, right? Well, no one wants to hang out at a messy booth either. Create an inviting environment. Use awesome, clean looking graphics. Keep the booth space free of clutter. Bring in attendees with a product demonstration, samples, or freebies. Be ready with a couple of principle things you want to tell a potential customers, and then be ready for those to stop by. Occasionally, ensure candy and trash is picked up and in its proper place. Creating an appealing environment is a great way to get noticed at trade shows and get more prospects stopping by your booth.

Plan your strategy for those visiting your booth. Take the time to prepare your booth wisely. Make your booth fun, inviting, and professional. These are all the best ways to guarantee you get noticed at trade shows and possibly a growing customer list. Be engaging, fun, and don’t be afraid to leap out of your comfort zone and get involved with the attendees. You will find following these steps will help ensure you are noticed at your next trade show.