Entice People To Open Your Business Emails

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How to entice people to open your business emails

Do you wonder whether the email you send out actually gets read? Do you push the send button on your master crafted email and only hear crickets chirping in return? If you are looking to entice people to open your business emails, you need to employ tactics to get them interested in seeing what you have to say.

One of the best ways to entice people to open your business emails is to utilise a “hook” in your business email subject line. So what is a “hook” and how do you get started immediately? Well, first, understand what you have to say and then consider how to say it in a more interesting manner. This will entice people to open your business emails and learn what you have to share. That is the goal, right?

Here are some tactics to provide you with a subject line that will hook your readers straight away:

  • KEEP IT CONCISEGet Noticed At Trade Shows

If you are using more than approximately 6 – 10 words in your subject line, it’s likely you’re losing some of your clients. Subject lines should be concise and to the point. When they are too wordy, your reader will lose interest or the email is misunderstood. Also, too many words can run the subject line off the viewer in the email.


People are much more likely to open a personal email than a bulk one being sent to everyone. When you include a person’s name in the subject line, you are increasing the emails rate of being opened. At the very least, consider including words like “you” and relationship meaning words like “we” and “us.”  Tell the reader what to do in the subject – “you need to read this” and they may just do it! You may also consider letting your reader know who you are: “we met at…” or “referred by…” in the subject line to help the email not hit the recycle bin as quickly.


Another important tip to entice people to open your business emails is to ensure they are profession. Nothing is a bigger turn off, with a resulting b-line of the recycle bin, than misspelled words and grammar issues. Be sure to re-read your email and, most importantly, your subject line to make sure it makes sense, and says what you want to say. Also, keep the emails as short as you can to make your point. People will stop opening mails that are too long to read.


If you have an offer, make your reader want to see what the offer is. If you have some new and exciting services you’re offering, be sure to give a little teaser about it. This will get people interested and want to open the email to see what you are offering. Making your reader inquisitive is an excellent way to get your business emails opened more often. Consider asking a question. This is a great way to peak the interest of your reader and make a connection with them.

There are many ways to write your emails and attract your customers and clients. However, if you wish to entice people to open your business emails, you will need to ensure you employ some tactics to make your readers WANT to open your email. Figure out which emails you send are getting opened the most and try to come up with a formula that works for your business. MailChimp is the best app to do this.

However, if you follow some of these helpful tips, you will surely see an increase in opened emails and entice people to open your business emails and see what you have to say.

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