Early Life Skill Lessons For Kids

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Early life skill lessons for kids to give them a good boost in life

Early life skill lessons for kids are an important part of growing up. We need to teach them the skills they will need as adults to function properly and have fulfilling and happy lives. Starting with small skills as toddlers, and gradually assign more responsibility for managing their own lives as they grow. We suggest starting with the following skills:

Time management

Start teaching your kids time management by requiring them to get themselves up and ready for school. This gives them the responsibility of being ready on time, without relying on you to wake them up and push them through the process. Time management skills can also be practised by organising their schoolwork and homework to get assignments done on time. It’s important to teach them how to get everything done on time, and without getting stressed.

Money management

Begin teaching money management by giving your kids a small allowance when very young. You can link it with jobs around the house if desired. Allow them to use this money as they like and to make mistakes, as a part of the learning process. If they blow all the money on chocolate or games, they’ll have to wait until next week for more. You could teach them how to use a simple budget so their money lasts until the next allowance. Teach them to save for something special by putting a bit aside each week.

As they advance towards the teen years, they can be involved in the family budget – finding out how much things cost, how to pay bills, and how much it costs to run a home.

Basic housework

Everyone should have a home, so learning the basic skills needed to run a home is essential. Unfortunately, there are adults out there who don’t have enough basic cooking, cleaning or laundry skills to even function properly by themselves. To prevent this situation, teach your kids the basic abilities involved in having a clean and organised home. Suitable tasks could involve – meal planning and preparation, basic cleaning and tidying the house. All this will teach them that not all work is pleasant, but still has to be done.

Decision making

This is a skill everyone should have. Start when your kids are small by helping them decide what toy they’d like to play with, or which food they’d like to snack on. As they get older, involve them in making decisions about more important areas of their lives. By the time they are teens, they will have had plenty of practice in making good decisions with your help. When the time comes to start preparing for their future career, they should then be able to carefully weigh up their options. All through this training, it is important to allow them to experience the consequences of their decisions. Within reason of course! This will all be part of the learning process. It isn’t necessary to allow any dangerous consequences.


In this modern computer age, everyone should be able to touch type, not just people who work in office administration. These days, computer use is almost essential for everyone. Touch typing is learning how to type using all your fingers while looking at the screen. Needless to say, a lot of time is wasted by the second method. Look on the internet to find many websites that teach touch typing, some in a fun way kids will appreciate.

There are so many more early life skill lessons for kids that you can teach them, but these make a good start to prepare them for adulthood.

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