Be More Than The Average Joe

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Want to be more than the average Joe?

Tired of settling for second best? If you want to be more than the average Joe, let’s take a look at how you can scale-up your life.

There comes a time in everyone’s life where we’re faced with a big decision to make. We can either continue along the comfortable if unspectacular road we’ve been journeying along so far, or we can make a break and take a stab at our dreams.

In other words, we can either remain rooted in mediocrity, or we can aim for bigger and better and be more than the average Joe. The choice is yours!

There’s nothing inherently wrong with being an every man. Many people who take home a decent salary are content with what they have. But for some us, that isn’t enough. We’ve seen other people rise to the top to live the good life, and we’ve decided that we want a piece of the action too. We want financial freedom, a better job, and more than just one vacation a year.

The good news is that it can all be done. Let’s take a look at a few ways you can be more than the average Joe.

Be More Than The Average Joe

Think Outside The Box

Love him or loathe him, President Trump once said something that outlines his outlook on life: “Don’t just think outside the box. Think like there isn’t a box at all.”

Thinking outside the box means thinking differently. It means challenging your own preconceptions, as well as those of others. It means being prepared to adopt a contrarian point of view, even if it makes you unpopular.

No one who was successful got to the top by being liked by everyone else. They were all prepared to think differently, and to do differently. They know that there are opinions to be challenged. Question everything and don’t hold back simply because people are telling you to.

Be Yourself

Wanna be like everyone else? Hell no.. Be different, unique, one of a kind! You want to stand out from the crowd and be noticed. Therefore, it’s important to always be yourself.

Who cares if people can’t handle your sharp fashion sense, or witty sense of humour.. That’s their problem!

Be Confident

You won’t get very far from the every man unless you’re confident in yourself. The good thing is that anyone can get confidence. It isn’t something that is handed out at birth by some divine creator. It’s there for the taking!

Confidence inspires you to take leaps of faith that are crucial if you’re to live a life different to everyone else. It inspires you to take that initial action that will set you on your way. Confidence will also help you build important connections and meet the right people on your quest to getting to the top.

Be Persistent

There is a great quote hanging around the Internet by Thomas Edison who recalled the arduous process he undertook to invent the light bulb. He said that he didn’t fail in his first 99 attempts to invent it. Instead, he merely worked out 99 ways of how not to invent the light bulb!

Look, it can take a long time before you can say you’re more than the average Joe. But persistence pays off eventually as long as you stick to your goals.

Leave Your Comfort Zone

Finally, you won’t get anywhere close to where you want to be unless you’re prepared to leave your comfort zone.

The every man is everyone, precisely because he stays inside his bubble. He’s got his salary, the mortgage, sports, and he’s content with it all the way it is. Maybe he has the wife, kids and a pet dog too.

However, if you want more than all of that, you have to be prepared to leave your comforts behind from time to time. We’re not saying you can’t ever be comfortable. But once you get too content, that’s the sign for you to kick things up a notch and improve wherever you can.

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