Accessories For A Stand Up Desk

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The top 5 accessories for a stand up desk

The stand-up desk is an excellent idea for those looking for a way to not spend their whole day in front of a computer sitting on their bums. They add the benefit of moving and not sitting for lengthy periods of time.

If you have chosen to use one for your workplace, there are many accessories that are both available and almost necessary to make your use of one most successful. These top 5 accessories for a stand up desk will help you make the most of it. Take a look:

#1 – Comfy Shoes Accessories For A Stand Up Desk

Since you will not be sitting all day, you will be standing a good portion of it, and this brings on another set of issues. Most importantly, you need to protect your feet, bum, legs, and whole body really. This can be done by wearing comfy shoes that fit your feet properly. You want ones that cushion them to make them comfortable for long periods of standing.

#2 – Laptop & Component Mounts 

Since you will be standing, you will want your desktop to be at eye level. Desks are slightly higher when standing than when sitting, obviously. Therefore, you will need computer and component mounts to keep these gear at the best level for working and easily adjustable. You do not want to have to hunch over to read something, or lean forward all the time to take notes. Ensure you have quality mounts for your computer, keyboard, and mouse and anything you need to use or view regularly. If you look at documents all day, you will want a mount you can clip the document to so it can easily move to the proper viewing level. If you type a lot, you will want to make sure you are in a relaxed position when typing, and that the keyboard can be relocated easily if you switch locations.

#3 – Step Stool or Foot Rest 

Even though you are standing, you are unlikely to be standing in exactly the same position all day. In fact, this is definitely discouraged. Therefore, one of the best and most needed accessories for a stand-up desk user, is a step stool or foot rest. Placing this under the desk gives you the option to shift your weight from each foot, rest a foot up from time to time, and even bend your knees. These actions are very necessary in order to sustain long periods of standing.

#4 – Anti-Fatigue Mat 

An anti-fatigue mat is made for those that are standing in the same place for a long time. They are cushioned mats that are not terribly thick. They relieve the pressure from your feet, knees and hips when standing in the same place on a hard surface. Having an anti-fatigue mat at your desk can help you endure longer periods of standing without trauma to your lower extremities.

#5 – Supportive Stool

Yes, a stool. Even if you have a stand up desk, you will need to sit down from time to time. In fact, you should sit down every now and then. It is advised that you alternate sitting and standing for the healthiest balance when at a desk for a long time. Therefore, once you have had your time standing and need a rest, you will want a good, adjustable stool to sit on. Make sure it’s a supportive stool with a foot rest. This will ensure you keep your posture nice and straight.

A stand up desk is an excellent alternative to a standard desk at which you must sit full time. Having the option to stand for part of your day is healthier and certainly more appealing to most. However, in order for you to maintain the best health, you should alternate between sitting and standing. Also ensuring you have the best accessories for a stand up desk will help you uphold good posture and a healthy balance for your body while getting your job done each day.

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