Trends In 2019

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Impacting trends in 2019

Trends come and go… Some leading to more comfortable lives and a brighter future while we wish we could forget about others! Each year brings their fair share of new fashion, art, food, technology, habits etc. Let’s have a look at the trends that might go on changing our lives in 2019.

Trends In 2019


Hundreds of cryptocurrencies have been created in the last ten years, since Bitcoin was first introduced by pseudonymous developer(s) Satoshi Nakamoto. Virtual global currencies are decentralised, free from all regulation and institutions – including governmental oversights. These currencies are usually pseudonymous, which means their owners are not identifiable.  Extremely volatile, some of these digital currencies have seen their worth go up the roof – making their owners richer by the minute (literally) – or completely plummet, causing people to lose thousands of dollars.

Cryptocurrencies are widely used to buy products, pay for services or simply as investments. While their future is unpredictable, it seems likely that they will evolve especially as financial institutions want in.

Bitcoin is predicted to hit a whopping $20,000 in 2019. Be sure to get on the Bitcoin train!


Our way to shop has also changed drastically. People do not necessarily have the time or the will to physically go and buy their products. Shopping online, for groceries, clothes and accessories, is the new trend. Online stores such as Amazon have existed for 20 years and fundamentally transformed the way we shop. Traditional retailers have now understood that they also need to adapt to this new age. Drive-through supermarkets, deliveries from our favourite brands… E-commerce will keep growing in 2019. Experts even think that more than 70% of purchases will be made on a mobile device by 2021.

House-sharing and house-swaps

Many owners have chosen to open their homes to complete strangers in recent years, whether it is to meet new people or earn extra income. House-sharing has seduced many people. Leading on the market, AirBnB has taken over in the tourism industry, with about 140,000 listings in Australia. Hosts even offer free accommodation on Couchsurfing. House-swaps, where people exchange their homes for a week-end or a holiday, are growing in popularity as they allow families to save money on accommodation. These trends will certainly continue to grow, allowing people to connect more, and travel cheaply!

Work remotely

Technology and the emergence of new jobs such as social media managers or bloggers have slowly allowed professionals to work away from the traditional office. Nowadays, you can work from a bench in a park or from the comfort of your own home! Companies are starting to cater to their employees by offering work from home contracts, saving money on office space. For others who prefer to be their own boss, they choose to freelance or become an entrepreneur. Giving you more freedom, remote work has the potential to make you both more productive and happier!

The end of plastic

With such a disastrous impact on the planet and its wildlife, plastic has been on its downfall for a few years. 2019 will mark another step towards the demise of plastic. Single-use plastic bags have already been banned in many countries throughout the world and some states here in Australia. Victoria plans to implement the ban by the end of 2019. Similarly, many restaurants intend on phasing out non-reusable plastic objects such as straws and cups. The giant McDonald’s and Starbucks have already decided to eliminate plastic straws from their store by 2020. Hopefully, 2019 will open the path to a cleaner future.

These developing trends will continue to influence our lives in 2019. Here is to hoping that 2019 will not bring too many ridiculous trends compared to past years. We could definitely do with avoiding another Tide Pod challenge, a pair of heel crocs and pointless gadgets – because yes, exhaust grills and shoe umbrellas already exist!

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