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Flipside Investing | Isn’t it time we all made some MONEY??

Do you remember back to 2017 when the crypto markets were going crazy??? Flipside Investing does!

The question is, WHY were they going crazy at that time?

Hopefully many of you have learnt the answer to that question over the last few years. And if you have, you should be super f*@king excited because history is about to repeat…

Flipside Investing

What those 2 images above represent is the two biggest price increases in Bitcoin’s history. The first one happened in 2012/2013 when the price went up over 100x or 10,000%. The second one happened in 2016/2017 when the price went up 30x or 3,000%.

What do they have in common?

They both followed an event that only happens roughly every 4 years, and it’s about to happen again for only the 3rd time ever.

Dude hurry up and just tell us what the hell you’re talking about!

It’s almost as if the timing of everything is part of some intergalactic plan. At the same time as we’re seeing central banks around the world printing dollars and Euros and pesos like never before, diluting and devaluing the savings of the citizens in their respective countries, the Bitcoin network is about to do the complete opposite.

Every 210,000 blocks of the blockchain or approx every 4 years, the Bitcoin network reduces the amount of new Bitcoin being created each day by a massive 50%!

Economics is all about supply and demand. These factors influence the price of something, and can do so in a big way! Flipside Investing recently made a video trying to explain this using bananas, you can check it out here.

Have another look at those charts above. Each time the Bitcoin supply has been cut in half, the 12 months following have seen insane rises in the price! If you reduce the supply of something, the price goes up. If you reduce the supply of something and the price goes up, in the case of an asset or investment, this creates even more demand as more and more people want a piece of the action. A perfect storm for what happens in Bitcoin.

Would you rather have your savings in something that is having its supply massively increased, making it more and more common, like your government dollars?

Or would you rather have your savings in something that is having its supply massively decreased, making it more and more rare, like Bitcoin?

I think you know which one I chose…

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Flipside Investing