Big Bitcoin Benefits

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The 5 BIG Bitcoin benefits you should know

Bitcoin is an emerging form of digital currency that comes with its own unique benefits and revolutionary features. Bitcoin can be used to purchase products and services all over the world without the need for access to a bank.

One Bitcoin is currently selling for more than $1,000USD. Those people buying Bitcoin are doing so as a smart investment and early retirement plan, as Bitcoin has the potential to completely revolutionize the money market.

Check out our top Bitcoin benefits –

Big Bitcoin Benefits

  • Bitcoin isn’t controlled by a government

It has always been the way that regular currencies have depended on governments, which history tells us is usually an epic fail! As we have seen several times in the past, governments have a horrible track record with currencies, causing their collapse in many circumstances which is where so many of us have lost big bucks. Bitcoin however isn’t controlled by any one person, let alone a government. People like to call it a cybernetic global currency.

Therefore, it is not tied to the health of a single country. Right now, if the Australian economy tanked the Aussie dollar would lose value. You would need more Australian dollars to buy a loaf of bread than you used to. And if you wanted to travel overseas, you’d get less of the currency of the country you’re visiting. Bitcoin is immune to a single country’s collapse. Because it is a world-wide currency and easily transferable, Bitcoin can actually benefit from the collapse of a countries currency or tightening currency controls as witnessed in places like Cypress and Greece.

  • Bitcoin is easily accessible

You can simply carry around millions of $$$ with you and no-one would even know. All you need is a Bitcoin smartphone app, of which there are now many! There are Bitcoin ATM’s popping up all around the globe where you can trade dollars for Bitcoin or vice versa, and credit cards you can load up with Bitcoin and use anywhere that accepts Visa or Mastercard.

Bitcoin’s framework cannot be manipulated by any person, organisation, or government. The Bitcoin network is now the largest computer network on the planet, and protected by its distributed ledger system. Bitcoin also only uses numbers, not names. Therefore, you don’t have to be anxious of anyone tracing your funds or purchases. As we all know governments have been known to cheat the system and take people’s savings/retirement funds. This will not happen with Bitcoin if you secure them correctly. And as an added safety measure, all you have to do is have a password protected backup of your Bitcoin wallet.

  • Bitcoin is limited in supply

There will only ever be 21 million Bitcoins in existence. We all know how governments and central banks like to inflate away our purchasing power by printing more of their fiat money. With Bitcoin nobody can do that, meaning that your Bitcoins will only increase in value over time. With limited supply and increasing demand, that’s economics 101. Much like a gold standard, limited supply is a good thing!

Imagine we could start over and have a solid form of currency. Bitcoin is a computer-era born form of currency that has learned from all the mistakes other countries have made regarding inflation and devaluation. Bitcoin has a solid foundation backed by mathematics, and its white paper envisages a future where the need for government backed fiat currencies and banks is no longer. It’s giving the power over money back to the people who no longer trust bankers and politicians. This is so important because Bitcoin will be a main payment source in the future. It won’t matter how many dollars you have, it’ll matter how many Bitcoins you have. So get in now before Bitcoin reaches its real value.

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