Best Business Owners In The World

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Noticeably the best business owners in the world – The top 4

Ever wondered who are the best business owners in the world are? The ones who constantly operate at a profit? Who innovate, adapt and are still here after their contemporaries fell by the wayside a long time ago? The business owners who consistently make it happen, year after year, and show up each day without fail?

If you’re looking to get inspired, or if you’re just curious, take a look at the best business owners in the world today.

Jeff Bezos, Amazon

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon when the Internet was still unheard of to most of us. He put it together in his mom’s basement. However, despite hisBest Business Owners In The World ambition and intelligence, surely he couldn’t have predicted that Amazon would grow into the e-commerce giant we know it as today.

Then again, Bezo is a huge lover of metrics. In fact, he went as far as innovating a concept known as Predictive Analytics. It recommends products to individual buyers based on their past buying habits and search habits.

This is really at the heart of Bezos’ success: His keenness to adapt and innovate. He knows that Artificial Intelligence is at the heart of the future of e-commerce, and has already started using it to cut down on the amount of fake reviews on Amazon.

Larry Page, Google

Larry Page’s success with Google is proof that if you double down on what you love, you can achieve your dreams.

Larry has always loved computers. In the 1980s, when computers were still seriously unsophisticated, Larry’s father worked as a computer scientist. No doubt his love of computers rubbed off on his son, who eventually took computers apart and dissected how they worked.

A few years later, he and co-founder Sergey Brin came up with Google in their dormitory. The rest is history, as they say.

Key to Larry Page’s success as one of the best business owners in the world is his ability to let his hair down. He isn’t your average, suited and booted entrepreneur who only smiles when he’s just made another million. Larry enjoys the thrill of kite boarding, and loves to take his gear out to sun kissed islands and have FUN.

Hey, maybe that’s why Google has been named as one of the best places to work.

Tim Cook, Apple

It probably seems like heresy to some to name the great Steve Jobs’ heir as one of the best business owners in the world today. Sadly, Jobs succumbed to illness. Somehow, Apple pulled another maverick out of the cosmos in the form of Tim Cook.

Although it’s too soon to expect a Hollywood movie to be made about Cook, there is no doubt that he’s another trail blazer in Apple’s canon.

His approach is a tad different to Jobs’. Jobs preferred to help mankind by creating great products that make our life easier. Cook wants Apple to lead the way in the way big businesses such as Apple use renewable energy. Tim Cook’s apple is impacting the world positively by working with cleaner energy.

It’s a new direction for Apple, a company which, when under Jobs’ guiding hand, wasn’t exactly known for its environmentalism.

Also, in case you were wondering how Tim Cook is steering the good ship Apple in terms of profits, his company posted the biggest quarterly profits in history in 2015.

Best Business Owners In The World

Sir Richard Branson, Virgin

It’s impossible to write about the best business owners in the world without including Sir Richard Branson.

The facts:

  • He owns over 400 companies
  • He is worth billions
  • He even owns islands!

Branson has made mistakes in the past, which he’s admitted. As he once said:

“You don’t learn to walk by following rules. You learn by doing, and by falling over.”

Key to his success is his tremendously positive outlook, his huge well of resolve and determination, and his incredible business sense. As well as Virgin, his own personal brand is worth a fortune.

These are some of the best business owners around the globe. One thing they all have in common? They pretty much started out with nothing but an idea, a dream, and a lot of determination. They’re an inspiration to us all!

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