Annihilate Your To-Do-List

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How to annihilate your To-Do-List with ease

Most of us have a to-do-list we’ve been thinking about tackling, but haven’t found the time. It doesn’t matter whether it’s written down or in our head – it’s there. One of the reasons that we put these things off is because they can seem overwhelming. They don’t need to be. By following a few simple guidelines, you can annihilate your to-do-list and still have time to watch your favourite tv show before bed.

Set a Time

The first thing to do, is to set a date and time and stick to it. If it’s Monday and you’re targeting the Saturday as the day you’ll attack your list, stay with the plan. Things will always come up, but unless it’s really important, let your family and friends know you’re working on a project whichever day and won’t be available until it’s complete. If people know you’re planning something ahead of time they will usually respect your commitment.

Start Early

When you have a big to-do-list to take care of, it’s always a good idea to get started on it early. The quicker you get started, the sooner it will be done. It will also feel much more manageable when you’re not worried about time constraints. If you know the list will take you approximately 6 hours to complete, set aside 8 to remove any time stress. The list won’t seem as overwhelming if you have more than enough time to perfect it.

Annihilate Your To-Do-List

Prioritise and Conquer!

There are always some tasks on that to-do-list that will be harder to finish. The time to accomplish those is at the very start to your day. Once the bigger tasks are complete, the rest of the list will seem easier, and you’ll have more energy for the work ahead. Conquering your to-do-list is only part physical, it’s also a matter of convincing yourself it can be done. The best way to do that is to take care of the more difficult tasks when you’re fresh and ready to go.


Just because it’s your list, it doesn’t mean you can’t employ help. Ask your spouse, child, or friends to lend a hand. The list will be done a lot quicker and you’ll be spending time with those you love along the way. Tasks don’t feel as much like work when you have someone to do them with. Delegate some of those items and make it a fun, family project.

Take a Break

Taking on a task with enthusiasm is admirable, but you usually won’t be able to complete it without stopping. It’s a good idea to take a break every once in a while. It allows you to recharge. This will make it easier to knock off the rest of the items in record time. Before you get started on the list, pick a couple of preplanned times to fit your breaks into and stay with the plan. If you follow these simple strategies, you’ll be able to annihilate your to-do-list, and you might actually look forward to the next one, rather than dread it!

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